About Lynn

One of the nation’s first National Board Certified teachers, Lynn Bonsey has taught middle school language arts and social studies in three Maine schools over the last 37 years. Currently she teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at Surry Elementary School.

Lynn Bonsey

Lynn Bonsey

Lynn has authored numerous educational essays and grants, including a Maine Community Heritage Grant, which allowed her to work with her students and Surry community members to build a website based on this little town’s history.

Over the last three decades or so, Lynn has written several serious and lighthearted articles, editorials, and personal narratives, which have appeared in a range of publications, including the Bangor Daily News, the Ellsworth American, and the Portland Press Herald. More recently, Lynn has focused her creative energies on her aging parents and her middle school students, which means her writing has pretty much been relegated to Facebook posts, texting, email, and lesson plans. Lynn spends much of her ‘free time” collaborating with her sister and brother to ensure their parents’ well-being.

At 62, Lynn continues to tackle life with humor, compassion, and straightforwardness. She knows how fortunate she is to teach great kids and to be supported by caring parents, children, siblings, friends, and colleagues, as well as a husband who tells her like it is. Lynn looks forward to sharing her life through “Musings from the Middle.”